How Assertive Are You? - Weekly Challenge
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How Assertive Are You?

September 13, 2021 | Weekly Challenge |
How Assertive Are You?

This week’s Challenge: This week, I will claim my power by being mindful about what I am allowing — and not allowing.

Avoiding being Aggressive (overuse): Once taking a stand moves from claiming one’s own power to imposing one’s will on others, being assertive has moved to being aggressive. There is a competitive flair — a win-lose mentality — an angry energy — to being aggressive. If you haven’t given any thought to another point of view, then it’s likely you’ve shifted into the aggressive zone. Take a few minutes to be curious about what another’s experience and point of view is, and let that inform how you move forward.

“Raise your words, not voice.It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”
- Rumi

Commendable Trait: Assertive

Underused: Passive

Overused: Aggressive

Strength: Confidence

Quadrant: Courage

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