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What's your Tilt?

You are so much more than your personality. That’s where your identity begins, but your inner character strengths determine who you become. Hosted by Tilt 365 CEO Pam Boney, this podcast takes us on a journey to increase self-awareness, grow character strengths, drive team agility, and develop a generative mindset.

What's Your Tilt?

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Tilt 365 Founder & CEO Pam Boney

In this interview, we talk with Pam Boney about her article Coaching Design 3.0 ~ Six ways to redesign your coaching for a new era.

Pam Boney is a senior executive coach, a tech startup founder, and an innovator in personality development. She brings decades of professional experience in leading, advising, and coaching individuals and teams to achieve exceptional performance. 

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Anaplan CEO Frank Calderoni

Anaplan is a planning software company with almost 2,000 employees - and CEO Frank Calderoni has leaned into building a character-led culture. Every single one of its employees goes through a Tilt assessment, so they can "be very self-aware as to who they are, and to allow them to have a view of others, knowing that not everybody comes from the same Tilt." Find out how Tilt has helped shape culture at Anaplan, and how it can help your culture as well.

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Former Red Hat Chief People Officer DeLisa Alexander

DeLisa Alexander joined Red Hat shortly after its IPO and spent over 20 years there, the last 9+ as Chief People Officer and Executive Vice President. She was also an early adopter of Tilt 365, and in today’s episode she shares about her efforts to shape the RedHat Culture.

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inviteCHANGE CEO Janet Harvey

A Master Certified Coach and CEO of inviteCHANGE, Janet Harvey helps companies build what they call a “success-culture”—and, in some cases, she uses the Tilt framework to do that.

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Tilt 365 Enterprise Solutions Partner Frans Barnes-Melvin

As an Impact on the Tilt Personality Assessment, Fran Barnes-Melvin is a change catalyst, someone who's excellent at driving change and moving things forward.

But what she needed to learn is that being an Impact also means there are blind spots as a leader - and her messages weren't always getting across to her team. For Fran, that meant self-evaluating her communication style.

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