Many years ago, I remember being in a particular rough patch with my first job. We were working crazy hours and my supervisor was operating from a protective mindset. I was offered another job with a spin off company, but something didn’t quite “feel” right. It was then that I realized that whenever I did choose to change jobs, I wanted to be “running towards” a new job, a new

How selective are you?

goal, a new opportunity… not simply “running away” from my current situation. In so doing, I eventually found the right fit for my next career step… which eventually led to my present-day coaching!

Being selective simply means choosing in a restrictive manner… usually, based on excellence. That sounds like something that can be objectively measured, but in this context, my being selective was definitely a gut reaction.

This week’s Challenge: This week, I will select based on what I want — not avoiding what I don’t want.

Avoiding being Restrictive (overuse): Carrying my personal work analogy further, if I had been looking for the “perfect” job to move to, I never would have made the leap to a new opportunity! When you find that you are evaluating every detail with a critical eye instead of looking at the big picture, it’s time to take a step back and consider what really matters.

Commendable Trait: Selective
Underused: Careless
Overused: Restrictive
Strength: Focus
Quadrant: Wisdom

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