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Ongoing Research Efforts                           

Just like there are opportunities to participate in ongoing research to uncover novel ways of understanding and treating physical ailments, we here at Tilt 365 have embarked on an endeavor to provide insights into psychological and emotional well-being.

Read more below to learn about our efforts for this ongoing research and how you can get involved (or click below to start one of our surveys).



Our assessments have been used by nearly 130,000 individual Users, almost 1,800 organizations, approximately 800 coaches, and roughly 5,000 teams. 

We have realized, with the wealth of information we have regarding Users’ responses to items in those assessments, that it would be beneficial to deploy brief surveys for willing participants in an effort to uncover trends predicted by or correlated with assessment results. 


We have compiled lists of questions that we feel will generate the most useful and interesting data to analyze, and we hope that our findings will benefit Users (and society more generally).  In the future, we will be adding additional survey packages. 

For those interested in completing one (or both) currently-deployed surveys, click here.

When we have conducted the analyses, we will post the findings on our website and invite participants (and everyone else) to view our findings. Participants’ privacy is of utmost importance, so your name will never be featured in connection with the data you provide us.


Our goal was to create short survey packages that would generate analyzable data and enable interesting insights.  Participants will initially be acquired via this current webpage, and then ultimately through other means as well.

A fundamental goal in this project was to keep the surveys as short as possible.  Everyone has a lot to do during the day, so it’s important that brevity is a primary concern.  Each survey package should take less than 2 or 3 minutes to complete.

Our ultimate intent is to capture relationships and connections between constructs assessed in our various assessments (i.e., our True Tilt Personality Profile assessment, our Positive Influence Predictor assessment, and our Team Agility Predictor assessment) and a variety of variables such as tenure, performance appraisals, demographic information, overall happiness, organizational commitment, meaningful social connections, and life satisfaction.

If we are able to demonstrate relationships between Tilt 365 assessment output and variables of interest at work and in life more generally, this can be informative (and interesting in and of itself), and it can potentially inspire research to more fully investigate the evidence for and mechanics of the relationships.  Researchers can use the results to conduct research that could potentially help people attain heightened levels of happiness, well-being, and productivity at work.

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